Woolcool Pouches & Carrier Bags

Woolcool insulated pouches were specially designed to provide an effective and cost efficient solution for sending smaller amounts of chilled items within ambient delivery boxes, hampers, gift boxes or marketing packs. In particular the iconic London food emporium, Fortnum & Mason uses Woolcool Pouches in their gourmet hampers.

Our Woolcool pouches are now also available as a environmentally friendly Paper Pouch, alongside our high quality, recyclable original white plastic outer option. We also have a handy carrier bag with handles for easy carrying.

Here at 3R we understand that purchasing packaging solutions in bulk isn’t always a viable option, and so we welcome smaller orders of our fresh food pouches from:

  • Small Independent Food Retailers
  • Local Farm Shops
  • Butchers
  • Greengrocers
  • Bakeries
  • Letterbox Subscription Businesses

How Woolcool Pouches work

  • Woolcool ‘Smart fibre’ insulation liners are created by washing, scouring and needle felting natural fleece which is hygienically sealed in food grade film.
  • The insulation is specially designed to line a range of woolcool pouches, by tucking one liner around the sides and another to line the bottom and top, ie. each Woolcool Pouch is supplied with one made-to-measure liner.  
  • Woolcool Pouches are made from high quality, recyclable materials – choose paper or white plastic outer.
  • A gusseted base makes the pouches ideal for small yet bulky items and a broad tamper evident self adhesive seal prevents contents slipping out.
  • Woolcool pouches are also available as clip-close bags with handles instead of the self adhesive strip for easy carrying.
  • Ice sheets can be added to achieve the appropriate internal temperature, (although fewer ice packs are needed than in polystyrene packaging or foiled bubble-wrap) and the insulation then maintains chilled items below 5°c for at 12 to 24 hours. Speak to us about our 3 ice pack options.

Our Woolcool Pouch Range

With a recyclable white plastic outer, the highly popular Standard Pouches and Carrier bags are available in a range of sizes. New in 2022 the Paper Pouches with a strong brown kraft outer offer even more sustainability. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team if you’d like to add ice packs to your order.

Paper Pouch

Standard Pouch

Carrier Bag

Woolcool Paper Pouch System

This is inclusive of the Woolcool Paper Pouch and Liner.

Woolcool Paper Pouch SystemDimensions (mm)Number per pack
Small Paper Pouch – WCPP-Small360 x 300 + 8025
Medium Paper Pouch – WCPP-Medium360 x 405 + 6015
Large Paper – WCPP – Large445 x 440 + 15010

Woolcool Plastic Pouch and Carrier Bags

This is inclusive of the Woolcool Plastic Pouch and Liner. Carrier bags are insulated.

Woolcool Standard Pouch SystemDimensions (mm)Number per pack
Small Pouch – WCPouchS330 x 190 + 13040
Medium Pouch – WCPouchM330 x 330 + 13030
AP Medium Pouch – WCAPPouchM400 x 330 + 18025
Large Pouch – WCPouchLarge430 x 430 + 13020
Medium Carrier Bag – WCBagM330 x 330 + 13025
Large Carrier Bag – WCBagL430 x 430 + 13015