Woolcool Liners

In addition to our range of Woolcool insulated boxes and pouches, we also supply Woolcool insulation liners so customers can turn their own packaging boxes, crates and mailing envelopes into incredibly effective insulated packaging.

Being flexible they can be used to line a box or wrapped around items to insulate and cushion.

For bespoke box size, let us know, Woolcool has a large range of stock liners and we can usually work out a Woolcool liner combination to fit your box.

Here at 3R, we understand that purchasing packaging solutions in bulk isn’t always a viable option, and are more than happy to help with smaller orders for our Woolcool Liners.

How Woolcool Liners work

  • Woolcool ‘Smart fibre’ insulation liners are created by washing, scouring and needle felting natural fleece which is hygienically sealed in food grade film.
  • The insulation is specially designed to line a range of packaging solutions.
  • Add to your own packaging to keep produce fresh and cold during delivery.
  • Ice sheets are required to achieve the appropriate internal temperature, (although fewer ice packs are needed than in polystyrene packaging) and the insulation then maintains chilled items below 5°c for at up to 24 hours and longer. We offer 3 choices of ice pack, speak to us about which one is best for your courier needs.
  • Re-useable, recyclable, fully sustainable and supports a UK manufacturing chain.

Woolcool Insulation Liners

Our Woolcool Liners can be bought separately in a range of sizes to suit many needs. Being totally flexible, if you have your own box sizes that work for you, you can easily turn it into an insulated box with the addition of woolcool liners. Simply let us know the dimensions and we can advise on the best combination to fit.

Woolcool Liners

Woolcool Liners – 100% Sheep’s Wool

Woolcool liners to use with your own packaging solutions. We strongly recommend the use of ice sheets or ice packs (not included) to establish and maintain the required temperature for delivery. Let us know what you need to do and our Sales Team will be happy to advise.

Woolcool Fleece LinersDimensions (mms)Liners per pack
WCFL00180 x 525 x 25mm100
WCFL01270 x 660 x 25mm50
WCFL02180 x 105 x 25mm35
WCFL04295 x 965 x 25mm35
WCFL04295 x 965 x 25mm35
WCFL05295 x 1135 x 25mm30
WCFL07320 x 1230 x 25mm25
WCFL-NL08 C250 x 1540 x 25mm20
WCFL-NL08 L380 x 1410 x 25mm20