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Sustainable packaging distributor

We can help you find the best packaging for your business, your customer and the environment.

Exclusive distributor of the multi award winning Woolcool insulated packaging solutions. Naturally sustainable using responsibly sourced 100% pure wool which under independent test has consistently outperformed conventional insulated packaging. Used successfully by big names in the food sector.

3R sustainable brings the benefits of Woolcool in quantities to suit a wide range of smaller producers such as farm shops, artisan producers, box delivery schemes and recipe boxes to name a few.

Understanding that buying packaging in bulk isn’t always practical, we welcome smaller orders. Our packaging experts will find out your specific needs and tailor a total solution for you.

What products suit Woolcool insulated packaging?

Chilled – proven to keep food contents at fridge temperatures for at least 24 hours.
Frozen – works perfectly for frozen food.
Ambient and hot – our team can advise how Woolcool works for warmer requirements.

The 3R’s: Reduce, Recycle and Re-use

Woolcool is high performance insulated, protective packaging… naturally

Reduce – up to 75% less delivery and storage

Recycle – Woolcool wool is compostable and biodegradable

Reuse – Woolcool can be reused in allotments, plant care, for cushion stuffing, pet bedding, lining…so many opportunities to reuse.

And now… Return – the first of this kind for a packaging company in this sector. Ecologically-minded customers can return their wool insulated liners to us for recycling!

Woolcool is proven to be the best product on the market, outperforming man-made temperature-controlled packaging.

3R Sustainable Products

Our friendly team can assist you with any of our Woolcool packaging products or provide further details, if you are not quite sure what packing products fits your business. Please get in touch on 01282 50 50 08 or email [email protected]