Woolcool Box Sets

Woolcool insulated box sets were originally designed for the National Trust’s tenant farm shops to ship home-reared meats direct to customers in a more environmentally friendly packaging than polystyrene.

In creating the Woolcool insulated box system, multi award winning packaging designer, Angela Morris created revolutionary insulated packaging, that is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Woolcool insulated packaging has been used and proven by major nationals, both in the UK and Europe since 2008. Some of the more famous brands such as Abel & Cole, Riverford and Fortnum and Mason have all used Woolcool packaging solutions. Woolcool is proven to be more effective than polystyrene at keeping chilled contents consistently colder and fresher for longer, with only half the number of ice packs.

Designed to work in the courier network, they make for high performance protection and insulation, perfect for shipping chilled, frozen and ambient goods such as meat, fish and cheese

Here at 3R we understand that purchasing packaging solutions in bulk isn’t always a viable option, and so we welcome smaller orders of Woolcool packaging solutions for packing items such as:

  • Meats
  • Meal Kits & Ready Meals
  • Cheese
  • Charceuterie
  • Artisan, Deli and Speciality Foods
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit and Veg
  • Detox Juices
  • Health Drinks
  • Dairy Products
  • Pet Food
  • Fish Products

How Woolcool Courier Boxes work

  • Woolcool ‘Smart fibre’ insulation liners are created by washing, scouring and needle felting natural fleece which is hygienically sealed in food grade film.
  • The 100% sheep’s wool liners are specially designed to line a range of courier boxes, by tucking one liner around the sides and another to line the bottom and top, ie. each Woolcool Courier box is supplied with  two made-to-measure liners.  
  • Boxes come in two options – Standard or Premium. Standard boxes are full flap courier boxes and require taping upon packing. Premium boxes are made with a high strength corrugated cardboard with a clever construction to give additional strength and protection, easy and quick to assemble without the need for tape, due to their die cut flaps.
  • Ice sheets can be added to our Woolcool Box System to establish the required temperature. Fewer ice packs are needed than in polystyrene packaging, or foiled bubble wrap. Woolcool insulation maintains chilled items below 5°c for 24 to 48 hours. We have 3 ice pack options available, and if required we can talk you through the best options to suit your business requirements.

Our Woolcool Box Range

Our Woolcool box ranges are price on application. We offer discounts for bulk purchases. Prices do not include delivery.

Standard Box Sets

Premium Box Sets

Woolcool Standard Box System

A brown full flap end courier box with two matching Woolcool® fleece liners. Speak to us about adding ice packs. These boxes require taping upon packing.

Woolcool Box SystemInternal dimensions without liners (mm)Volume (L)Load Capacity (Kg)Sets sold in packs of
Size 01 – Flap-end Box Style 0203 plus 2 liners275 x 210 x 270mm9L4 – 5Kg25
Size 03 – Flap-end Box Style 0203 plus 2 liners400 x 295 x 200mm18L4 – 8Kg35
Size 04 – Flap-end Box Style 0203 plus 2 liners350 x 295 x 295mm20L6 – 8Kg17
Size 05 – Flap-end Box Style 0203 plus 2 liners435 x 295 x 295mm26L8 – 12Kg15
Size 07 – Flap-end Box Style 0203 plus 2 liners470 x 320 x 320mm34L10 – 14Kg12
Size 08 – Flap-end Box Style 0203 plus 2 liners580 x 380 x 250mm39L15 – 20Kg20

Woolcool Premium Box Set

The courier box sets include a strong die-cut cardboard box with two matching  Woolcool® fleece liners, they can be ordered with or without ice-packs. These boxes can be closed using the pre-cut tabs.

WoolcoolInternal dimensions without liners (mm)Volume (L)Load Capacity (Kg)Number per pack
Size 00 – Premium Box plus 2 Liners180 x 180 x 180mm3L2 – 3Kg50
Size 01 – Premium Box plus 2 Liners275 x 210 x 270mm9L4 – 5Kg25
Size 03 – Premium Box plus 2 Liners400 x 295 x 200mm18L4 – 8Kg35
Size 04 – Premium Box plus 2 Liners350 x 295 x 295mm20L6 – 8Kg17
Size 05 – Premium Box plus 2 Liners435 x 295 x 295mm26L8 – 12 Kg15
Size 07 – Premium Box plus 2 Liners470 x 320 x 320mm34L10 – 14Kg12
Size 08 – Premium Box plus 2 Liners580 x 380 x 250mm39L15 – 20Kg20