Ice Packs

Ice packs are essential for keeping fresh produce cold during delivery. Add them to our Woolcool Packaging Solutions to ensure food stays fresh during delivery. The wool fleece in the Woolcool Liners regulates the temperature inside the package, slowing down and preventing heat transfer and the ice packs provide the cooling element. The colder they are, the more packs used, the longer the product will remain cold

We have 3 types of ice packs available, Including:


Sorbafreeze sheets are a lightweight and cost effective alternative to water and gel filled packs which are bulky and costly to dispatch to our customers. Delivered unhydrated, means a massive reduction in shipping and storage costs compared to pre-filled icepacks.

They are filled with a clever polymer powder which when simply soaked in water for 15 minutes, hydrates the cells ready to be frozen into ice sheets when required.

Once hydrated and frozen, Sorbafreeze doesn’t melt back into water so there is no risk of soggy packaging or damaged products.

Woolcool Prefilled Gel Ice Packs

Gel ice packs have more even energy release and longer thawing time and can be less harsh on your product. Re-useable and easy to use, the box can be placed straight in the freezer.

Woolcool Prefilled Water Ice Packs

With an LDPE outer and filled with pure water, these ice packs can be re-used and fully recycled. Easy to use, the ice packs can be placed straight in the freezer.

Ice Pack Products

We supply 3 types of ice pack, all coming in varying quantities.

Sorbafreeze Ice Packs

Prefilled Gel Ice Packs

Prefilled Water

Woolcool Ice Packs


Sorbafreeze sheets are supplied unhydrated and are activated by soaking in water before freezing

StyleWeightHandy PackBulk Box
Small500g150 1200
Extra Large1KgN/A600
Flexi-Roll60m RollN/A2 x Rolls

Pre-Filled Water Ice Packs

StyleWeightQuantity per PackPacks per Pallet
1 Pocket500g4048
8 Pocket550g4245

Pre-Filled Gel Ice Packs

StyleWeightQuantity per PackPacks per Pallet
1 Pocket500g4048
8 Pocket550g4245